Awakening the Divine Feminine

by special guest Sannyasi Jyotsna

The divine feminine, Devi, is the warrior, motivating us with focus, courage, and determination. Devi is the nourisher and the energizer, leading us to share our abundance with others. Devi is wisdom, challenging us to live our understanding of the truth and to act for the upliftment of others.

Devi as Durga. Photo  © 2019 DharmaKshetra Yoga

Devi as Durga. Photo ©2019 DharmaKshetra Yoga

Devi is honored by many names, including Mother Nature, the Virgin Mary, Sophia and Lakshmi. She is the energy (shakti) which manifests the world, the elemental forces (gunas) that maintain it, the opposite poles of existence (raga and dwesha) and transcendental bliss (ananda). The divine feminine is the power of resolve (sankalpa shakti) which gives us the motivation to continue our spiritual journey, no matter how many times we fall short and need to start again. The divine feminine is Mother, whose love shines upon the true essence of each being. How can a Mother accept each child unconditionally? It is because she sees the shining soul underneath the fear, the greed, the misbehavior. It is that soul which she loves. By focusing on and accepting this love, we can follow the direction of her gaze and finally see our true Self as she does.

The mantras of Navaratri can be used year-round and help us awaken and realize the qualities of power, balance, resolve and unconditional love. The vibration of the sounds transcend translation, and the focus created by the chanting purifies and energizes us at the deep levels beyond the intellect. Over time, these mantras can create a dynamic meditative state that transforms our daily lives.

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