Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

Get the knowledge, experience, tools and confidence you need to present this amazing, accessible technique to a variety of people!


3-Module Weekend Training:

Module 1: November 10-11, 2018

Module 2: February 9-10, 2019

Module 3: May 4-5, 2019

Prerequisites: None for first module; completion of prior modules for second and third modules.

Full Day Programs: 9 am - 6 pm Eastern with 1 hour lunch break

Two attendance options:

  • Attend live and earn 48 Contact Hour CEUs, plus an optional 12 Non-Contact Hour CEUs with Yoga Alliance
  • Attend remotely via webinar and earn up to 60 Non-Contact Hour CEUs with Yoga Alliance

Recognition of Prior Learning is available for those who have attained a certificate of completion through Yoga Academy of North America (YANA) - SYN Teacher Training Level 1 or Level 2



Pricing and online application are coming soon! See below for content details:


First weekend:

  • Learn the theory and science behind this practice, including anatomy & physiology of the nervous system, applications of the chakra model, and pratyahara as part of Patanjali's system of Raja Yoga.
  • Gain the tools to teach a fundamental 4-stage practice to diverse populations such as pregnant women, corporate clients, students with back conditions, and obese individuals.
  • Learn how to instruct and develop the stage of Sankalpa (positive resolve) for self-transformation.
  • Receive handouts on the value of this practice to distribute and a template flier for advertising a class.
  • Get professional guidance in how to set up classes.
  • Access recordings for your own home practice/reference.
  • Receive personal mentoring and feedback when you present your first Yoga Nidra.
  • Optional: join a Yoga Therapy track to discover more about research applications of Yoga Nidra.
  • Receive a discounted subscription to a weekly online class including Q&A time with experienced Yoga Nidra instructors.

Second weekend:

  • Discover more in-depth science and theory to help you better apply Yoga Nidra to a wider range of students.
  • Learn how to deliver an 8 stage Yoga Nidra.
  • Learn how to know when your students are ready for more advanced Yoga Nidras.
  • Gain the tools and confidence to handle unusual student reactions and experiences.
  • Receive more advanced recordings for your home practice and development as a teacher.
  • Learn supplemental meditations that enhance Yoga Nidra and increase the value of your classes.
  • Receive individual mentoring and feedback on delivering 2 Yoga Nidras, live or recorded.
  • Optional: join a Yoga Therapy track to apply Yoga Nidra in therapeutic settings.
  • Receive reading lists to support your own specializations and study.
  • Get a discount subscription to a weekly online class including Q&A with experienced Yoga Nidra instructors.

Third weekend: Yoga Therapy

  • Discover how to deliver Yoga Nidra to support various health conditions.
  • Create healing journeys in Yoga Nidra.
  • Learn special adaptations for presenting Yoga Nidra for trauma survivors.
  • Survey other styles of Yoga Nidra and learn how to develop your own voice and teaching style.
  • Develop a valuable network of fellow professionals and create the opportunity for referrals.

Additional 1 to 1 mentoring options are available throughout all modules

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