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The Heart of Your Practice: Using Bhakti Yoga to Deepen Your Commitment​

  • Wise Heart Comunity 803 Yellowwood Avenue Baltimore, MD, 21209 United States (map)

Our approach to yoga often emphasizes the "hands" - actions such as asana and service - and the "head" - meditation and study. But neither of these can be sustained without the support, nourishment and devotion provided by the heart.

Why do we often neglect or de-prioritize the activities and connections that most nourish us? How can you actively apply the principles of love and devotion so that you feel sustained by, instead of drained by, your spiritual pursuits? Renew your commitment to yourself and your community through this inspiring workshop that will give you a new perspective on what it means to practice yoga.

This program is open to people of all levels and conditions. It will include both discussion and practices, including:

  • What exactly is Bhakti Yoga?
  • How does Bhakti fit into the classical and modern ideas of yoga?
  • Learning the Language of the Heart: Hridayakasha Dharana meditation
  • Chanting for the Heart
  • Yoga Techniques for Heart Health
Later Event: March 16
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